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my Look – Party Dress.

My look dress party: one color dress in wine,long satin to give a charm and elegance at a party, graduation or other social event costume, It's going very well.

The long dress both stylish also gives the feeling of tuning the body, to women a little chubby / chubby.

my look party dress

Photo: Necessaire for Diva.

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white dress and black diva.

pink party dress.

Here my participation in a graduation of my students in the House of Portugal, in the city of Praia Grande-Brazil, a beautiful place for an event.



my look party dress

My beautiful party dress.


Babis Dias you know:

-Sapato Scarpin Vizzano;

-long satin dress Clothing / S.A;

-Clips of Strass;

-Shein purse wallet.

And with a beautiful dress like that you turns into a Diva same. It is wear and raze at a party or dress evento.Lindo!! And on this post” My look party dress” I would like to know your opinion, leave your comment abaixo.Um super kiss!

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