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Resenha do perfume Little Black Dress.

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recently tested the women's perfume Little Black Dress of brand Avon,classified as a fruity floral fragrance,I would classify more as a woody charter in my opinião.Até because the strongest notes in their composition are the woody essences.

Has in its composition the notes of: Cyclamen, Coriander, African ginger, Flower of Damascus, Honeysuckle, Gardenia, ylang ylang, peony pink, Jasmine , Datura , Sandalwood, Fava Tonka, Musk and Japanese plum .

The perfume comes in a very beautiful packaging, based on the elegance, but being a floral woody fragrance,You must be sure if this is your type of perfume.

What I found about perfume?

odoriferous, outstanding, levemente doce

e amadeirado com uma leve saída frutal,It is for the most fashionable people or certinhas.Gostei smell,but I think not all people will like,partly because talking about perfume is like that,It is something very personal.

I just thought the smell very woodsy,I'm not a big fan of woody scents,but it is a little perfume delicioso.Lembra J'adore.Agora to the question as duration and fixing perfume,a note scale 0 to 10, I give 8.Pois note the scent does not last all day on the skin,lasts until around 4 hours in máximo.Preço: 67,00 real.

But other than that the scent is delicious,feminine and elegant.

What do you think about this perfume?

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