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The history of dress: transformation and revolution in the world of women.

Fashion and history go together well always and it is impossible to separate the two because they are connected in some way. The word dress it know, female part and so varying length. O dress It is a piece that not only serves to cover a body but it is also a symbol of power for women, a piece that crossed the time going through several important modifications from there arises the origin or a Dress history.

The long dress, heavy and full of frames there was a submissive woman,sad and unhappy that also carries his heavy dress and no opinion to society, yet that dress undergo profound transformations that accompanied important events of history in the world.

That dress heavy and full frames, later undergoes profound transformations we find ways, cores,textures and various prints surge new dresses as a form of women's liberation also.


the history of dress

antique dress with armações.Foto: internet / disclosure.

With so many events and changes in the course of history no longer had no place women wear a dress so heavy and yet no comfort is not even?

The woman then needs a revolution and then libertação.Vamos understand a little about the history of dress.


The history of dress: a synthesis.


Prehistoric man used animal skins under your body, without beauty or details that resembled the dress, in order to cover or protect your body.

The Registration first dress it was about 1800 and have a beautiful dress at that time meant the symbol of wealth and power.

In 1860 dresses make calls crinalinas, a type of frame to give volume to dresses, but their colors are neutral and these are longos.Um historical moment in which the woman wore a dress very heavy and very uncomfortable também.Esse dress had to draw attention in any way with the volume.


Just from 1900 the dress style completely changes,this is, the woman already uses more frames or corsets under their gowns, comes a radical change as the history of dress.

But for that to happen there had to be a trigger to change everything in a society: the industrial revolution in England.

According to the professor and researcher Cecilia Toledo:”Although still hear the fable that were born to be mothers, women were forced to leave the children on their own or take them along to work, given the need to spend the whole day in the textile, where they left their youth, working in an unhealthy way, from 10 a 12 daily hours, with water up to the knee, since the vapor moving machines.”

It showed that society at that time was changing, the lives of the poor and humble women were working up 12 hours per day, while the bourgeois woman, I stayed home and did not work with a queen of life to buy a clothes made by these women enslaved and exploited in textiles, for example .

The clothing was now made by the textile industry and two women types in two very different worlds.


the history of dress

Photo showing the reality of a woman working in the Industrial Revolution Inglesa.Foto: internet / disclosure.


According to writer Elisabeth Wilson in his book“Decked dreams”, the poor woman of that time was extremely exploited by industries and factories in general.

Another important factor that influenced this time was the First World War (1914-1918) where many women began to work, that is,they have joined the labor market,it was a change of major impact directly on the fashion in which women's clothes have undergone significant changes.


In 1920 Coco Chanel launched the dress better known as basic black dress which is an icon of moda.Quem never heard of the little black dress and basic does not it?A very nice phrase designer of Chanel on the dress:

A woman needs only two things in life: a black dress and a man who loves her-Chanel.

Actually this phrase on the black dress says it all even! E shows the versatility of uses with a black dress.

The sight of that black clothes could only be worn by widows is set aside, emerging a new trend in fashion mundial.Mais one “rule” it was broken, Thank God!!

In general fashion of the dresses at this time begins to score more the body of mulheres.Nessa time there was a liberation for women because it could leave the show legs, the neck and arms too.The dresses were shorter yes, but light and elegant.

the history of dress

basic black dress one mundial.Foto icon: internet / disclosure.


In 1940 appear more sexy models dresses,these being fairer,

We can cite as an example the dress of sensual Marilyn Monroe.The diva wore elegant dresses and sexy at the same time too much for that time.Read more about the dresses of Marilyn Monroe that Link -Wedding dresses Marylin Monroe.


the history of dress

Photo: internet / disclosure.


The famous jeans comes to the female universe 1960 trousered , jaquetas e mais tarde em

vestidos jeans também, since the jeans existed long before that date, but it was exclusive to men only.

Another new achievement for women: the right to wear jeans!! The years 60 here till the woman won some rights yes, and one of them is the use of the contraceptive pill and the sexual freedom in some countries like the United States,Canada and other.

Get in question in another important point in history to call sexual revolution.And no doubt is will also influence not only in the behavior of women as well as the way of dressing also.

Jeans for women and sexual revolution is all about,a new moment in women's lives.

A different time for all the history of fashion , many exaggerations and colorful colors was marked by years 1980.A time of vibrant colors and golden accessories too,It was a moment of great ostentation.

See the singers and singers of international music that stood out as Madonna, Cindy Lauper and more.

It was a peak in the music rather where many singers and bands were very successful and also somehow also influenced the fashion that época.Os dresses had a marked waist and slits and the makeup was in bright, bold colors.

the history of dress

Cindy Lauper in the 80s / Photo:disclosure.

the history of dress

Lady Di in the years 80./Foto: disclosure.


Women of that era who did not pursue this more rebellious style, They opted for a more classic acetate as the Princess Diana wearing dresses with shoulder pads and very stylish.

Leaving the exaggeration of years 80 and going for years 90, the fashion of the 90 he was minimal, with few details or without many seams in clothes, and in general the clothes were more discretas.O dress that is typical of this time is the peasant dress.


Main types of dresses.


And with the evolution dress They emerged types and famous dresses icons in the world are classic todo.Eles, eternal and desired by most mulheres.Principais types of dresses:

  1. Dress strapless- is a type of dress that does not have handles and mark well the breasts also;
  2. Dress-used basic little black dress the actress AndreyHelprum- ;
  3. Trapeze dress-used by Twiggy;
  4. Tube dress;
  5. Vestido Flapers;
  6. Vestido Wrap Dress;
  7. Ultrassuede dress.

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most famous stylists.


The most famous designers in the world and also create beautiful dresses are:

  • Gabrielle Chanel;
  • Christian Dior;
  • Valentino Garavam;
  • May Quant;
  • Yves Saint Laurent.


Books on the history of fashion.


Here is a list of books on the history of fashion for those who like to read about this topic:

  • “Clothing and Fashion-Author: James Laver;
  • “Clothing history”-Author: Carl Kohler;
  • “Clothing history”-Author:Janes Mouth;
  • “Fashion Century”- Author: François Baudot;
  • “Fashion history of the twentieth century”-Author: Gerthurd Lchnert.


world's most expensive dresses.


  • Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur-made taffeta, satin, chiffon and soothes, It is encrusted with diamond pear-shaped 70 carat; and even part of the same 751 Swarovski crystals. It costs about 28 millions of euros.
  • Debbie Wingham's dress "Abaya"- this dress with some 2.000 diamond three colors and gold, costs 16 millions of euros.
  • diamond dress Scott Henshall- that has about diamonds.
  • Dress "Happy Birthday" Marilyn Monroe's-this is the dress in which the diva Marilyn Monroe singing happy birthday in público.Esse dress was auctioned and sold for over one million euros.
  • Vestido Black Diamond por Debbie Wingham- this beautiful dress features 1.000 diamonds and cost five million euros.


The story and its impact on women's fashion.


As I said the story has influenced and changed the course of fashion history feminina.A changed directions and lives of thousands of women worldwide, and talk about the history of dress proves important facts and events of history.


The history of dress or Dress emergence portrays several important times, But the woman has principal.Afinal character thousands of women today no longer need to use heavy frames or corsets under their dresses,they won this freedom and comfort, to dress your way or gosto.De generally the conquest of freedom and comfort.


With the history of dress it is concluded that current woman won the chance to integrate into the labor market and to support and help her family with the Suia income and the freedom of comfort in what one vestir.Vestir dress comfortable and its estilo.Então generally present this woman lives another life a little better than their antepassadas.E back to remember the phrase about the Chanel dress that a woman needs only two things in life: a black dress and a man loves la.Não need anything with these two things!!


Photo: By Thomaz_Mikoloçjzyk / Pixabay.

(Photos: internet / dissemination and photo by princiapal: Thomaz_Mikolocjzyk / Pixabay).

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