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Manicure bearded thrives in Santos.

nails female gorgeous, delicate, of all possible colors and very well made are now being made by men but. The profession of manicure now no longer exclusively female, For men are taking this beautiful profession também.Na City Santos-Sp one Manicure bearded esta fazendo um grande sucesso trabalhando com unhas femininas em uma Esmalteria na cidade de Santos-SP.

Rick Gomeza young man around her 24 years old, mais conhecido popularmente como o: “Manicure bearded“or “man manicure ” é responsável por cuidar e customizar as unhas de diversas mulheres, You are doing a great success in that city. It is a novelty for its customers to have a man doing her nails with great professionalism and with great perfection.

Rick Gomez came from São Paulo with specialization in gel nails, It performs a very perfect and beautiful work, after all are beautiful and great perfeição.Ele nails also teaches several courses focusing on this area.

E ele é o nosso entrevistado do Blog Necessaire da Diva desse mês: Rick Gomez.

Some made by Rick Gomez./Foto: Instagram Rick Gomez.


Interview with Rick Gomez.

For those who do not know the beautiful and perfect work of Rick Gomez in their social networks as in your Instagram @riquegomezYou have no idea even of the talent of this great artist.

Nails of all colors and varied formats, naturais ou em gel feitas com todo o carinho e perfeição tornaram

Rick Gomez um profissional muito reconhecido na cidade.

Our interview with this master artist and nail:

1-Tell us how did your interest in working with nails?

Rick Gomez:

It came when I began to realize, something was missing in my professional life, and I did not know what was, It was when I decided to make the nail of a hair customer, soon I fell in love.

2-What is your biggest dream?

Gomez America:

My biggest dream, have my nail polish line.

3-What work did you like your?Or that took longer to do?

Rick Gomez: “Never did this division, all do the same I do nível.Amo, and deposit it on the nails,sometimes has one that does not come out the way you want,else happens,use the negative to the positive, the procedure is 1h30min , but normal hand I am very fast, but when I talk slower more perfection at work, I fast the profession usual.”

4-favorite phrase? And what is your message to those who dream of one day working with nails?

Rick Gomez:

Stretching shows how women have attitude, each color shows a feeling, a different energy, or woman shine.
I speak for the new manicures: Manicure is not an option, It is profissão.Faça with love.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_images_carousel images=”8229,8227,8228″ img_size=”large” title=”Photos @riquegomez”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]And what do you think of this post and the interview here Diva Necessaire blog? Leave your comment below and your like too.

Thanks to the Rick Gomez ” Manicure bearded”, the interview with the blog here, and a super kiss everyone here!

(Photos: Instagram @riquegomez).

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