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The danger of lengthening eyelashes.

And every woman has this dream of having lashes full and bulky, since an eyelash lengthening or even the simplest technique of false eyelashes leave any beautiful and radiant look . However many women do not know the negative effects of a bad eyelash lengthening done. The reason may be the excess glue, or the type of glue used also poor in stretching technique eyelash.

Photo: engin_akyurt / Pixabay.

In the case of false eyelashes, which are sold in cosmetic shops in general, Formaldehyde has its adhesive in chemical composition, which makes extremante toxic to the cornea of ​​the eye.

Here in this post I mentioned both the simplest technique of false eyelashes like Wire stretching technique which is more complex than the previous, but both can cause serious eye problems.

One case found on the internet was a young student who won a sweepstakes one false eyelashes and ended up with a strong allergy and eye irritation, mentioned at the siteG1:

Allergic reaction caused in a student by the use of false eyelashes / Photo: site do G1 .

The symptoms are similar for both techniques as: excessive lacrimation, allergy, irritation or burning eyes, Red eyes, swollen eyes and even pain too.

But the inspiration to write this post and warn women vain, was when a colleague of my work called Eliana, He showed up one day in my service with sunglasses and very swollen eyes and red, and what really caught my atenção.Ela had recently done the stretching lashes,pagou caro e logo depois apresentou

irritação nos olhos e outros sintomas graves.

Eliana said:

I made a lengthening eyelashes and my eyes began to tear up too. And a lot of pain, I could not stand it and ended up in hospital.Só remedies and eye ointments spent around 150,00 real.

As Eliana reported only spent remedies 150,00 real power to deal with severe irritation in your eyes,ie the loss was great even.
Imagine that this was the great Eliana dream like that of thousands of other women: have elongated eyelashes and cheios.E the dream turned into a big nightmare,for if it does not seek an ophthalmologist could have been blinded.

My warning here women, very careful with the use of eyelash lengthening or also with the eyelashes postiços.Muitos sad and negative testimonials about lengthening eyelashes.
And after this account of my coworker I did not think to put false eyelashes or eyelash extension postiços.Sabemos that there are professionals who do a great job with eyelash lengthening,But care is pouco.Pesquise on professional and listen to the account of others também.Agradecimento especially my colleague and friend Eliana, who suggested this post to blog.
And so is our life is to exchange experiences and stories.If any reader has a suggestion for a post in the write to the e-mail: [email protected] , with the subject post Suggested.
I hope you enjoyed this our blog post.
Enjoy the final our post, leave your like here or your comments.
Thank you!

(Photos: By Engin-Akyurt / Pixabay G1 and Rondônia).


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