E em um mundo onde nós mulheres também falamos, We create and produce texts also, always come up cool ideas to start a major project in a blog feminino.Em 2015 to my 39 anos de idade criei o blog Diva Necessaire in order to create a blog with style and with my “way” say assim.Mas as well?On Necessaire Diva there is not only a review or fashion blog, but a critical blog time and with our wishes and desires of the woman femininos.Além valuation issues and women's empowerment also.

My mind about the cosmetics and tips will help many women and often there is no ugly women, but women need to know to appreciate more and find the right products to highlight its beauty.

The Necessaire blog Diva emerged from the idea that every woman can be beautiful at any age, cor,physical type or nacionalidade.Mostrar ideas of how to value them even in a male-dominated world and that many do not value.

I am a Brazilian blogger born 1976, in love with blogs, I have my favorite blogroll but love everything about beauty,fashion and feminine universe, I'm passionate about animals and plants too.The name Babis is a nickname that use, because my real name is Barbara Days,but you can call me Babis Dias even rs.

My information: degree in Biological Sciences and the technical course in Interior Design, I work as a teacher in public school, and no doubt I am a hero in a country that pays very bad teachers,and we have to “survive” so in a country that does not value education professionals, very sad even that!

I related some of my my path on the classroom for you , and I have to have that as a female blog “scape valve”, to cool down a bit from the hassles and stress of aula.Afinal room you need to have other things or hobbies that you love and enjoy doing, otherwise, or you get sick or gets mad.

Below the video trailer of our channel on YouTube,watch.


Be a blogger a great female blog is always a great pride for my pessoa.Também write on my other blog blog Pink Dress Club

And do not forget: “Make your search” here on the blog in various subjects femininos.Acesse the blog menu to meet your pages as: VIP club,Make your search, videos, privacy policy, Anuncie Aqui and others.

I left my favorite pictures here,please see.



Babis Dias ,latest photo / photo: Diva Necessaire.

Babis Dias / Photos: Necessaire for Diva.



Babis Dias- 2017/Foto por Leila Tlach.



Babis Dias / Photos:por Leila Tlach.


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Thank you for the support for this blog: my aunts, my mother, My other family members and my friends who are always cheering and supporting me.

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Thank you all and bj!!


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