VIP club.

VIP club.

O Vip Necessaire Diva Club and Newsletter system and free products to download exclusive to subscribers here on this blog.

It is a unique subscriber VIP club blog you can download free Planners and também.As photos Photos should be downloaded in posts warning of photos to download and using a password that is sent to all our members via email.

Besides desssas benefits you receive in your mail our Newsletter always informing posts or newly published articles and also the news of the VIP Club.

To subscribe to the VIP Club and Blog Newsletter please complete the form below with your name and e-mail:


Newsletter Club VIP

Sign up for the Newsletter Club VIP blog here.


Then you will receive an email as Welcome written in English and Portuguese Club VIP, please for cash SPAM / trash in your emails to find our email .It may be that our emails are SPAM or the trash of your emails.


In the VIP club you log in protected posts with password to download free photos. already the Planners these are sent in e-mail of our subscribers on a link in the email.

Any doubt our email is:

[email protected]

I warmly thank you for participating in our club Vip.Obrigada!


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