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Two powerful brands sustainable fashion.

E cada vez mais com a sustainable fashion or eco-fashion ganham mais espaço no mundo da moda.A regra é ser sustentável, less aggressive to the environment as well.

Unfortunately few fashion companies are sustainable.

Speaking at the fashion blog I thought then to create the category sustainable fashion .It is a very important issue and few people writing about it.

Two brands are standing out as the market women's clothing, are trademarks:There is e Reformation.

What's new in sustainable Fashion.

Muitas novidades quanto a esse tema.Os diferentes tipos de materiais são soluções para salvarem o planeta.

Sustainable clothes are not cheap in your valor.Os prices are still very high for sustainable clothing.

brands :

  • There is– Brazilian brand with sustainable clothing and clothing not sustentáveis.De dresses, macacões e outras peças.A marca

    possui uma valorização da mulher.Usa os produtos como: organic cotton and PET.

sustainable fashion

Marca There / Photos: dissemination and Pixabay.

  • Marca There / Photos: disclosure.

    Reformation- Mark the outside with wide range of sustainable clothing, in which the company minimizes the amount of water use and waste and gastos.A brand has its sustainable and rapid fashion philosophy.

sustainable fashion

Brand. Reformation / Photo: dissemination and Pixabay.

Falando cada vez mais de sutentável fashion then we will know yes.

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