How to make the Magic smooth gradual sealing Eico.

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Speaking at hair, we women have a major concern in caring and always leaves them bonitos.E are looking for great products and excellent quality is not the same?He is always concerned about the excessive volume of your hair too? O volume e frizz

excessivo também é um problema que me incomoda muito também.Descobri esse super produto mais conhecido como o Magic smooth Eico.It is a gradual gradual sealing or brush used to take the excessive volume of hair, shine

Tested the balm Amend Millenar Indian oils.

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And how I love news brought this news to hair cosmetics dem,recently tested this balm or leave-in for hair brand Amend. The product is the Balm sealant Indian oils, of the line Amend Millenar.

Nós mulheres amamos esses produtos conhecidos

como leave-in or balm, or also as comb cream,as they allow to leave the most rigged hair and in some cases it can be said that to tame the excessive volume of the hair also.

I tested the Haskell hair dye.

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E grande parte das mulheres gostam de colorir os seus cabelos com uma tintura permanente,na maioria dos casos.Seja para mudar a cor de cabelo, colorir ou cobrir cabelos brancos.Um dia desses eu

estava procurando uma tintura de cabelo de boa qualidade e que não deixe os cabelos ressecados e sem vida e encontrei atintura Haskell, a Excllusiv color.

For hair: Inoar Argan Oil System.

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In this post I will tell you a wonderful product to care for and treat the hair with chemical, dry or damaged.

The line Argan Oil Inoar the brand it is suitable for all types of cabelos.Segundo manufacturer: “

absolute hit of the halls, Argan Oil treatment of Inoar oil brings the world famous Moroccan gold to further enhance the professional practice. Its rich formula in antioxidants promotes unparalleled protection to the wires, increasing the brightness and reducing frizz, for beautiful and hydrated hair. Its versatility allows you to associate its benefits to a wide range of hair treatments, providing high quality results.

Indication: All hair types
main assets: Argan oil, olive oil and jojoba oil”.

Shampoo, Balm Condionador both 1L and mask Argan Oil hydration Inoar./Foto: Diva Necessaire.

With a wonderful scent, this line has fabulous argan oil, in which I tested in my hair Shampoo, conditioner balm and moisturizing mask.

The moisturizing mask is yellow in color and comes in a small pot and also has a wonderful scent, according to the manufacturer about it :”The Intensive Treatment Mask Argan Oil is a real milestone in the segment. Developed with the world famous argan oil, trata o

cabelo desde o córtex até a superfície cuticular, leaving extremely silky strands and hydrated.

Main benefits:
– Repairing fiber dry hair, damaged or chemical;
– Let the soft wires and bright;
– smooths, softens, moisturizes and rebuilds the hair proteins.”

First I washed my hair with this shampoo twice and then spent a hydrating mask and left for more than 20 pausa.Após minutes in the break rinsed and applied the balm conditioner and left that for 5 minutes and then enxaguar.Sequei in the dryer and finished with the board and the oil that line only the tips of my hair.

The result is impressive!! My hair is very soft and shiny, and also more liso.De a way for those who use a lot dryer and hair board this product gives a very beautiful effect with these, because the hair will be well aligned.

The scent of this line is something sensual and very fragrant, I loved!!

The advantage of the products with argan oil are the softness and extreme shine.

I loved these products, I'm using and loving !!!

Note: 10.

Products of the utmost quality I state!!

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Photo: By Pixabay.

capillary powerful plastic-tested and approved to Alfakeratinização Alta Moda Alfaparf.

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I tested these days this fabulous product for hair: a Alfakeratinização of Alta Moda Alfaparfand I was dazzled by this product.The product comes in a small box and contains 4 items to perform this treatment for highly damaged hair.

It costs on average 25,00 real,and you can use up to 2 applications on an average hair in my opinião.Para very long hair just gives one-time use.



According to the manufacturer:”plastic capillary to fill, the real Botox for your hair! CAUTERIZATION, And SHIELD SEALING WIRES. Alfakeratin Complex enriquecido with PROTO-LAN. Without salt, no dyes, no harmful to health workers. Gentle shampoo for hair with brushes, removes all impurities present in the smooth hair and deep.

no formato de 60 ml.”



The product acts as a shield,leaves the hair very soft and lindo.Testei in my hair that was badly damaged by dyes and loved!!

results: one hair too bright ,soft and wonderful!! Restores hair mass too.The best I have ever used in my opinion!It can be used before or after chemical processes such as brushes progressivas.Dá a professional shielding effect .A great product!I want to buy it!

The only negative thing,It was the difficulty to find this product because most stores do not sell this produto.Só found in a shop of my cidade.Ai is a tip for those who have a cosmetics shop,sell this wonderful product that people love!

(Photos: by Babis Days).

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