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Subscribers Club VIP-attention!!

With the release of Necessaire blog VIP Club Diva,which is a system and Newsletter that is sent by email all our registered Subscribers, I'm warning is in our fanpage on Facebook Necessaire Diva, via email or also here in this post.

Who joined the club blog Vip, please check in your email in the spam box or the trash,because our emails from VIP Club may be lá.Depois to find our emails mark as: “It is not spam”.

This happens with most of the bloggers or celebrities also that use a newsletter system for your site or blog.

Free-Photos / Pixabay

I would very much like to thank the people who enrolled in our VIP Club and soon will offer other models of Planners and other free products for our subscribers lowering.

If you have any questions write us in English or Portuguese are the languages ​​in which I will understand, write to: [email protected]

I hope to soon be able to bring more news on this blog and good thank you and a hug notícias.Muito.

New Blog: the VIP Club.

Hello my dear readers and readers of this great blog.Tenho novelty to blog vocês.O Diva Necessaire yesterday launched VIP club.

O Diva Necessaire Vip club and a free subscription system by e-mail where readers can subscribe and then downloading free Planners, Free eBooks blog and other products to download. In addition to receiving the blog news also by e-mail as a Newsletter.

The link you join and sign the VIP Club is:Description Club VIP.

At the moment I'm just with a Planner for the blog readers, but in the future we will have more and eBooks also Planners.

I appreciate if you can participate in this my great big kiss Projeto.Um!

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Already left our Privacy Policy.

Estou avisando a todas leitoras do Blog sobre o lançamento da Política de Privacidade do Blog Necessaire da Diva.

De acordo com as normas da União Europeia e do meu país, the Brazil, os blogs terão que ter uma Política de Privacidade sim,pois poderão ser multados.


O link para todos lerem a nossa Privacy policy is:

mas se encontra facilmente no menu do Blog.

Já para quem tem o nosso aplicativo no Google Play Story temos a nossa application Privacy Policy também desde 01/04/18, leia em:


Photo: by Babis Days.

Top posts of 2017 do blog.

And the New Year approaching and nothing like remembering the best aqui.Alguns posts blog posts that I never imagined a large number of many views or comments that are our list.

Are fashion posts ,beauty ,wishlist and other.

This year 2017 It was a big year of change and new opportunities for blog.Tenho to thank partnerships with some stores and brands also.

Babis Days wears tosave / Photo: Leila Tlach.

What if 2017 It was very important for the Diva Necessaire blog, I hope also that it was a great year for you too.

Here's our top 8 the best posts of Necessaire Blog Diva are they:

1.And what men have said in:

2. Wishlist de Natal :


4.Make up:





I hope you enjoyed this post the best blog posts in 2017.

A kiss! A Merry Christmas to all of you!

(Photos: Leila Tlach)

Diva is necessaire with your new logo.

And as you watched this week, Friday day 25 August 2017, blog Diva Necessaire changed its old logo for this newest modern.

The logo resembles a necessaire, a perfume and to a thin stock, It contains a diamond in pink, It was very beautiful and colorful confess I enjoyed.

My drawings and scribbles out the creation of the new logo Diva Necessaire blog.

Various logos which passed blog here, this certainly has the same idea of ​​the blog.

Só espero que as nossas amigas blogueiras não copiem esseo logotipo do blog aqui. Pois aqui no meu país algumas blogueiras tem essa mania feia de copiar as ideias do seu blog.

I hope you enjoyed.

A super kiss!!


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