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And in this world of blogs beautiful and charming, eu sou cada vez mais apaixonada pelos Blogs e criei aqui a minha lista do meu blogroll , which is nothing more than my list of favorite blogs in the beauty niche,Lifestyle, fashion, female universe, and other literature.

A minha lista vai desde o The Accidental icon até outros tops e maravilhosos de moda e estilo de vida como o blog Francysca Lifestyle.

O primeiro mostrado nessa lista o Pink Dress Club é o segundo blog que criei depois desse aqui o Diva Necessaire, and quite the style of a blogger same.

O meu Blogroll com esses Blogs que sigo e adoro:

1-Pink Dress Club

Pink Dress Club

2-Bauche le fashion:

3-The sunday girl:

4-Not dead yet Style:

5-Francysca Lifestyle:

6- my Beschieri:

7-flying blue:

8-Accidental icon:

9-Today Cinderella:

10-Koizas da Thati:

11- Steal of the look:


Are my favorite blogs and others have also in my giant list, where I visit and read the posts in my spare time.

Enjoy and discover these blogs here.

Regardless of the order here, are wonderful blogs I love!Congratulations to all of you!!

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