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Advertise here

I want to advertise your products here in Necessaire Blog Diva?So Advertise aqui.Temos the best release for you.

1.It will be a great pleasure to announce their products, but we do not advertise products or services that do not fit into our niche or blog.O affairs our blog niche is more focused on: Fashion, Beauty, Decoration, crafts, Food suplements, Dicas de presentes femininos etc.
2.Usamos sempre as tags “nofollow” on outbound links of our advertisers, according to Google standards.
3. Em relação ao envio de presskit for this Blog with the advertiser's products, is not post warranty on blog or disclosure in our social networks, However, if approved or we like the product can do from a simple blog posting or a simple post on a social network our.
4.If Post sponsored or publipost, readers will be informed that it is a paid item via marker “Sponsored post”.
5.We work with evaluation of products related to: Fashion, Beauty, Decoration, crafts, Food suplements ,girly gifts in general e artigos de papelaria . Values ​​are informed through our e-mail.
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